Fully Compatible

Our QD Cord is fully compatible with major brand QD products.

High Durability

20,000 cycles of bending life test in strain relief (SR) and insert life test for QD connector.

Know How Technology

20+ Year solid experience, "KNOW HOW" technology in design & manufacture QD Cord and headset cable.

Quality Assurance

ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Certification, RoHS Compliance.

What's New

Leading Headset Cable Supplier

As the leading contact centre headset cable supplier, we have over 20-year experience on design and manufacture professional and durable headset cables with 100% compatible quick-disconnect (QD) plug in our own factory. All of our products are fully compatible with Plantronics or Jabra's QD plug.


Why Choose Us?

- Fully Compatibility With Plantronics / GN(Jabra)'s QD ... Read More
- International Quality Assurance ... Read More
- Tailor-Made for Contact Centre Use ... Read More

Plantronics Compatible Solution


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GN/Jabra Compatible Solution


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Product Trial

We are happy to arrange QD products for trial purpose. Please do not hesitate to email us at info@qdcord.com

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